Our story begins in Italy in the ‘60sa time remembered in history as the “Economic Miracle”. During these years, in a tiny workshop situated in Bologna, the brand Silvano Biagini, named after his founder, comes to life. The namesake designer, using refined crocodile and reptile skins combined to elegant fabrics, creates innovative bags, originally shaped and distinguished for an extraordinary aesthetic sense. In the ‘80s and ‘90s the company establishes itself as an international benchmark in the market of hand-crafted leathers. In 1984, in the city of Modena, the Antony Group s.r.l. is created, a fresh artisan reality directed by its creator Alberto Amidei.

The synergy of these two parties ignites a successful collaboration that leads to the Antony Group s.r.l.’s takeover of the Silvano Biagini’s brand in early 2000s to create a new company that gathers together the phases of: design and product conception, production, marketing and product distribution. The incorporation of all of these steps under just one administration allows the business to participate to all of the phases thoroughly and it also guarantees a direct supervision and a dynamic customization; this enables a constant professionalevolution in accordance with the changes in the market and it also allows to remain true to the essence of the brand. 

“I examine what women wear and it really doesn’t matter where my ideas come from because a woman is a woman despite where she resides in the world. This is both my departure point and my point of arrival.”

Silvano Biagini, New York, August 1984


This is a modern company that bases itself on the artisan knowledgeit is a management that teams up with international brands, it is a family-run business that is able to offer both professionalism and dynamism, it is a family that over the years has preserved and passed on the passion of the brand’s founder Alberto Amidei.

While Ms. Amidei is the production supervisor his wife Enza is in charge of the quality control, and they as a couple conveyed their love for the profession to their three offsprings; Elisa is the commercial manager and she also handles the businessadministration, Valentina oversees the conception and development of the products, Luca, the youngest of the three siblings,supervises the branch concerning belts and smaller leather goods.

“Consistency is the ultimate hope to accomplish an extraordinary profession that requires perseverance, diligence, willpower and passion.”