We are in the sixties, the historical period of our country also known as the "Economic Miracle". In these years the accessories brand comes to life in a small shop in Bologna Silvano Biagini, which bears the name of its founder. The designer of the same name, using fine crocodile and reptile leathers, in combination with fine fabrics, creates innovative bags, in original shapes and with a high aesthetic knowledge.

In the 80s and 90s the brand affirmed its identity becoming a point of reference in the artisan leather market at an international level. In 1984 he was born in Modena Antony Group srl, a new artisan reality led by the creator Alberto Amidei.

From the synergy of these two actors a winning combination was born which at the beginning of the third millennium resulted in the acquisition of the brand Silvano Biagini by Antony Group srl., a reality that, to date, brings together the product design and conception phase, production, marketing and distribution of the product.

The internalization of all these phases allows the company to be present at 360 large, thus guaranteeing a high level of customization and direct, light and dynamic management, which evolves with market changes while remaining faithful to the fundamental principles of the soul of the brand.

“I watch what women wear, but it doesn't really matter where my ideas come from, because a woman is a woman wherever she is in the world. This is my starting point and my finishing point. "

Silvano Biagini, New York, August 1984


A contemporary company that rests its foundations on knowledge crafts, a management that collaborates with international brands, while maintaining a family management that guarantees seriousness and dynamism at the same time, a family that has kept the founder's love intact over the years Alberto Amidei.

If Mr. Amidei is production supervisor, his wife Enza is in charge of quality control, and both have passed on their passion to their three children: Elisa deals with business and commercial management, Valentina is responsible for product development, Luca, the youngest son, manages the small leather goods department and the belts division.

"Continuity is the greatest hope for a wonderful job that requires constancy, commitment, will and passion."